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PPA Time & Teacher Supply

FUNDA Educators specially trained and equipped to Engage, Inspire, Motivate & Empower your pupils teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY'.



Cost-effective, quality assured PPA Time bespoke and tailored to meet your pupils needs.

Scheme of Work
& Planning

FUNDA educators use our latest FUNDA Scheme of Work and planning system that will engage every pupil during your PPA time. We provide a quality learning environment that is child centred and supports your pupils learning characteristics.

Resources, Props
& Equipment

FUNDA educators inspire your pupils using our OFSTED registered FUNDA resources, props and equipment across all key stages. Quality learning requires quality resources that are piloted by hundreds of teachers before they are used by your FUNDA educators. 

Progress Charting
& Reporting

We use the latest mobile reporting and progress systems that will give all your pupils a voice. Your pupils progress will be available to download from your teachers FUNDA area online, ready for your pupils reports whenever you need your educator's data.  

Did you know that old fashioned school sport does NOT engage every pupil when teaching Physical Education (PE)?

"My grandchild visits my house on a regular basis, we used to play snakes and ladders together. Now we get active together taking part in FUNDA STORY reading books, and playing games. We have so much fun together, highly recommended. "

Derek Kemp

"Our teachers now enjoy delivering their new FUNDA STORY resource with our early years and key stage one pupils. We have all found a new love for Physical Education. "

Mr Kay
Primary Teacher

"Both my kids love it here, they can't wait to tell me about their days and their coaches. I don't even get a chance to get through the door before the are all excited telling me about it. My daughter came home with a medal badge and certificate on Friday so is very proud of it and shows it off to every person that comes to our house. I will definitely be putting them in again next year."

Nicola Smith
FUNDA Parent

"Bradley has loved coming to FUNDA at Burnley College this week and has decided he wants to come again next week too! He has been tired out every night from having so much fun. He can be quite shy at times but has walked in confidently every day and not stopped talking about his day on the way home. Thank you for making his week so much fun!"

Louise Turnbull
FUNDA Parent

"Highly recommended FUNDA above and beyond staff, great themes and plenty to do."

Charlotte Weekes
FUNDA Parent

"Thank you very much to all the coaches at the Burnley campus. Freddie really enjoys coming to Funda and can't wait for the next half term. When ever I ask what he has been up to he always says 'lots of fun!' Thank you"

Stacey Pearson
FUNDA Parent

"I've been using FUNDA for a year now for my 7 year old daughter Libby and she loves it, my 3 1/2 year old son Oscar went today for the first time and he is still telling me about it now, he's had a fantastic day and loved coach Elliot, thanks FUNDA it's a weight of my mind knowing their save and enjoying their half term whilst I'm working"

Claire Clarkson
FUNDA Parent


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