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FUNDA EASTER Holiday Camps 🐣 The FUNDA Way!

Mar 14, 2018

WOW WEE!! How fast is this year going?

The lighter mornings and evenings are fast approaching and so is our FUNDA EASTER Holiday Camps & Childcare for children aged 4 to 12 years.  

Thousands of children will be attending FUNDA this EASTER. We have received so much FUNDAtastic feedback from our latest Holiday Camp feedback survey. We have also taken action towards improve and learn from our most unhappy customers because after-all you always get them. WHOOP WHOOP! "Our aim is to make a positive difference to your child's life every day". Kieran Fletcher (Founder Of FUNDA). 

Our FUNDA team of professional physical educators will enrich your child with the skills needed for home, school and life using our FUNDA values below...FUNDA is multi-award winning, OFSTED registered and after her special visit, approved by Her Majesty The Queen, we now reach out to thousands of children every week, teachers and children use our FUNDA Physical Education...

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FUNDA Primary School Physical Education (PE)

Mar 05, 2018

FUNDA Professional Physical Educators teach FUNDA Primary School Physical Education (PE) in hundreds of Lancashire and North West UK primary schools every day. Our team reaches out and makes a positive difference to thousands of children every week, we are multi-award winning and OFSTED registered - We are FUNDA

FUNDA prides itself on delivering so much more than just sport because our team have all witnessed and agreed that sport does NOT engage or motivate every child to learn during PE time. Our specially trained FUNDA physical educators teach quality assured physical literacy and education lessons that are all complimented by our FUNDA Physical Education and Cross-Curricular Resources that we use when either teaching alone with your pupils or team-teaching with your teachers. 

We will get your children active, boost their confidence, improve their health and our team will use our FUNDA programmes and resources to support your...

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Schools, Claim Your Free FUNDA Experience, Worth £185 ✨

Feb 08, 2018

Your schools FUNDA journey starts with a meeting with our founder Kieran Fletcher, he will share enthusiastically using his ten years experience and knowledge with you, your teachers and school management/leadership team.

We are so alarmed and frustrated in the way most schools have chosen to allocate their Sports Premium Funding.

We see so many schools today not making their School Sports Premium spending sustainable for their teachers and pupils of the future and they struggle to meet the new OFSTED accountability measures as well as showcase their spending and impact to their new PE governor who must be in place to govern your Primary School Sports Premium spending.

So how can your school maximise the Sports Premium Funding, make your PE and School Sport sustainable, whilst at the same time providing quality team-teaching experiences and resources for your teachers?

Would you agree with FUNDA that SPORT does NOT engage every child in your school?

How can your school teach...

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Ready, Steady 💥 Nerf 💥

Jan 30, 2018

Nerf Wars!! *Exclusive to FUNDA loving Holiday Camp & Childcare customers only.

You will soon be able to BOOK your children's place onto our FUNDA Nerf Wars Sessions taking place on our FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare, watch this space. 

How FUNDAtastic is this?

Your children will love Nerf Wars if they don't our professional FUNDA Educators will  ... 

Here at FUNDA we know exactly what our children want every school holiday, our children want fun, engaging, enthusing and interactive physical multi-activities that are accessible and challenging for all children aged 4 to 14 years - No matter what! 

FUNDA provides award-winning and OFSTED registered, activity-based Holiday Camps & Childcare that are cost-effective for the working parent.

Our FUNDA loving customers want to get their children ACTIVE whilst interacting with others, learning new skills, characteristics of learning, mindfulness, resilience...

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FUNDA Primary School PE Scheme Of Work - Launch 🚀

Jan 19, 2018

FUNDAtastic News!!

Our FUNDA Primary School PE Scheme Of Work is ready to launch. 

It's taken 11 years to gain our knowledge and expertise and we now know exactly what is needed to deliver quality assured PE that engages every child in your school. 

Our FUNDA team have been piloting our PE scheme of work for some time now and we've had some FUNDAtastic feedback from our current partnering primary schools and we are ready. 

All our current partnering primary schools will get access to our FUNDA Primary School PE Scheme Of Work and FUNDA ZONE Online resource support portal for FREE. 

Teachers, teaching assistants and our FUNDA educators can now access there FUNDA ZONE Online resources anywhere, anytime, with everything being one place in their online FUNDA ZONE support area.

Teachers love the fact that they can access their PE scheme of work, resources, music and even template lesson plans where they can use our FUNDA illustrations and...

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February Half Term Holiday Camps & Childcare ✨

Jan 13, 2018

Get your children ACTIVE this February Half Term.

FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare for children aged 4 to 14 years, our team has made some FUNDAtastic improvements for all our FUNDA loving children and customers. 

Give your children the FUNDA smile every school holiday. Hundreds of children attend FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare every school holiday, children get social with others, make new friends, they are active, taking part in multi-activities, sports, competitions, theme-days and creative play. 

Our Professional FUNDA Educators use our new FUNDA resources and programmes like FUNDA STORY pictured above to make sure that every child is engaged, enthused, hooked and thirsty for more. 

FUNDA STORY is for our children aged 2 to 7 years so that we can take your children on a magical, physical, FUNDA STORY based learning journey when they attend our FUNDA Holiday Camps. Children can also use FUNDA STORY at home interacting with you the adult, learning...

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Try This FUNDA STORY Physical Activity At Home 🏠

Jan 04, 2018

Did you know that FUNDA Ofsted Registered and Multi-Award Winning physical education, games and creative play resources are now being used by teachers in hundreds of schools worldwide? Did you know that parents, carers, guardians, grandparents, childminders and home-based educators are now using our FUNDA programmes and resources at home to support there children's health, education and future whilst helping them to achieve and make progress at school? Why would FUNDA like to introduce you to our programmes and resources for you to use at home? It's because our children today spend too much time sitting and less time doing, our children are turning into un-sociable, computerised robots .   

Here are some more alarming facts and problems that our children face today...  

Alarming Facts:  

Children spend more time inside than prison inmates. 

1 in 5 children leaving primary school suffers from childhood obesity and physical...

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What Is Physical Literacy?

Dec 14, 2017

What is physical literacy?

The term physical literacy describes the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that individuals develop in order to maintain physical activity at an appropriate level throughout their life.

Physical literacy encompasses for more than physical education in schools or structured sporting activities, offering instead a broader conception of physical activity, unrelated to ability.

FUNDA aims to engage and make a positive difference to children's lives every day using particular pedagogies and the adoption of new modes of thinking this includes our new resource and programme FUNDA STORY the ultimate Physical Literacy resource.

Physical literacy promises a more realistic model of physical competence and physical activity for a wider population, offering opportunities for everyone to become active and motivated people.

I want you the adult, parent, guardian, childminder or home educator to think how you can get your child...

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FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare - Christmas & New Year 🎅🏻 🎄

Dec 14, 2017

WOW!! Where has this year gone, Christmas already? 

We hope that your family is all set and ready for Christmas, our team are so excited it's our favourite time of year because schools are out and we all get a well-deserved break over the festive period.   

However, come the NEW YEAR 2018 when it's all over some of our parents and FUNDA loving customers need our FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare because unfortunately some of us, have to go back to work whilst others just want a break from the madness. 

Now would be the time to BOOK your child's place onto our FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare, starting - Tuesday 2nd to Friday 5th January 2018 *Places Limited Just imagine dropping your child off at FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare and then dashing off to your booked relaxing Spa Day or going back home to have some TV catch up and me time with a nice cup of hot chocolate, squirty cream and marshmallows. 

How would this...

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FUNDA On The Road To Making A Difference To Children's Lives Every Day ✨

Nov 01, 2017

Meet the founder of FUNDA and their team of professional educators who all work hard daily to make a positive difference to children's lives every day. 

FUNDA enriches your child with the skills needed for home, school and life supporting your child's education, health and future. 

However, It's alarming that so many children today are just not active or getting social with others. Would you agree with FUNDA that you know that children today just do not play outside like we used to?

Here are some more alarming facts:

  • 1 in 5 children leaving primary school suffers from childhood obesity and physical inactivity? 
  • Children today spend more time sitting and less time doing playing on computers and mobile devices? 
  • Under 5's are glued to screens 4 hours each day?

Are you a parent, carer, guardian, childminder or home-educator?

Do you have a child aged 2 to 12 years?

If so we can all play our part to tackle all of these issues above, you can allow...

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