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Core FUNDA Values *NO Matter What !

Oct 04, 2018

Did you know that your core values are so important to the sustainability and GROWTH of your business?

Here at FUNDA we always share our Core FUNDA Values - NO MATTER WHAT!

You might be asking WHY?

Think of the BIG businesses and companies around. Take Mc Donalds for example, especially their Ronald McDonald House Charities (Values) below:

So if McDonald's are sharing and sticking to their brand core values do you think we should do the same?

My favourite quote is this:

"Take what exists and make it better, if it doesn't exist, create it".

Here at FUNDA our services, programmes and resources are all created, launched and marketed around our Core Brand Values, our professional FUNDA Educators who all teach in schools and on our Holiday Camps & Childcare during the school holidays all share our core values below:

It's took myself and my FUNDA team 13 years to synthesise and get some clarity around our FUNDA brand core values we have called it the 'FUNDA WAY' - No Matter What!

You will start to notify our FUNDA team teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' in schools, out of school and for our NEW home learning programme launching soon.

FUNDA's mission is to make a positive difference to children's lives everyday.

Ask yourself these few questions below:

What's your Core Brand Values?

What's your purpose and mission?

Why do you exist?

I really do hope this little post of inspiration reaches you, if it does please COMMENT below, I love engaging with people who are like-minded.

I just love GROWING my business and get a sense of satisfaction from helping others :)

Talk soon, 

Kieran Fletcher - Founder & Creative Director

FUNDA & Friends 



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