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FUNDA Featured In The LASBM Newsletter

15 years and counting, trying so hard to make a positive difference to children's lives every day whilst supporting parents, teachers, and educators by teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' ...

May 02, 2019 By
Founder Kieran Fletcher
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1. Introduction 

Just recently our FUNDA team attended Lancashire Association of School Business Managers (LASBM).

It's the first time we've ever attended a speaking event like this, there must have been over 80 School business managers and teachers in the room.

Talk about being nervous. 

It was a really posh event, lots of professionals were selling themselves and their services and sharing how their brand, business or services can make a positive difference to their school, pupils and teachers. 

What do you think happened when it was my turn to get up, speak up and be counted? 

Read this blog post until the end to find out exactly what happened on this BIG day...   


2. Your Why?  

Have you ever wanted something so much you can feel a deep burning sensation in your heart?

You think about your thing every day, every minute, 24 hours around the clock, no matter what. 

They say you know when you've found your purpose, mission and calling in life.

It's true, I spring out of bed every morning with a mission to... 

'Make a positive difference to children's lives every day'. 


3. Born Ready

It's your turn to speak, hundreds of eyes are watching you, they are watching every move you make and every word you say. 

You've got 15 minutes to share with the entire room the positive difference your business/organisation can make in the world. 

The flicker for your presentations stops working. What do you say, how do you say it and what do you do?  

Here are a few crucial takeaways I've learned over the 13 years of standing up speaking and presenting to a room of people known as your audience.

1 >>  Believe and trust in yourself, you know your topic and content.

2 >> Don't plan your presentation word for word, don't practice just do it. 

3 >> Don't use bullet points in your presentation,  in terms of bullet points, use pictures, visual and video. Bullets are for guns! 

4 >> Be honest and be yourself no matter what! You will only get found out if you're not being yourself.

5 >> Have some fun, engage, inspire, motivate your audience by asking for a response. For example...

Raise your hands if you want to make a positive difference to your children every day? ...

The outcome ... 


4. Engage ALL

You must have a reason, you must tell your audience why they should listen to you, why you? 

You can do this by offering a special incentive, something for FREE or a prize relevant to your topic. 


You must also tell stories, your story because would you agree that we all learn from stories, we love stories, even today I love watching Disney Films because they have a unique storyline that leaves me hooked until the end. 

Remember to share your credibility and results this will prove you to be the expert in your niche, industry or topic. 

This is how I teach all my FUNDA team to coach, engage, inspire, motivate and empower ALL our children who participate at FUNDA.

This is how you engage ALL your audience.


5. Know, Like & Trust YOU

You must build a relationship with your audience, make eye contact with everyone in the room at least once.

All the way through your presentation you must add so much value and you do this by giving, giving, giving away stuff for FREE!! 

Yes, that's right, FREE!!


Because when your mission is to make a positive difference are you really bothered about your bottom line, the money? 

Giving away your services, product, programmes, material for FREE will only get your prospecting customer to know, like and trust YOU. 


6. Why Fit In When You Were Born To STAND OUT?

When you walk into a room full of people they will naturally judge you, all eyes are on you, so first appearances count and you must stand out from the crowd.

I turned up at the LASBM event not knowing what to expect.

I looked around me and there were other businesses/organisations selling their services. Most had a fancy presentation stands, the best champaign and prizes to give away.

All dressed in fancy designer clothes and polished shoes ALL competing to covert their prospecting customer into buyers of their services. 

I and my FUNDA team turned up dressed in our FUNDA uniform, we didn't pay for a fancy stand, we didn't pay for the biggest and best campaign to give away. 

Our aim was to STAND OUT in a different way... 

Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT?   


7. The Result

Keeping it short and sweet, I and my team converted 80% of the audience. Which means we've pretty much doubled our primary school intake for September 2019/20 (New School Year). 

School Business Managers that attended the LASBM event invited FUNDA into speak with their head teacher and school representatives.

Their school is now signed up to FUNDA and has become a FUNDA partnering school which means together we can work as a team to make a positive difference every day.   


8. Summary

I'm delighted with the outcome from the LASBM Event, I would like to say a massive BIG thank you for my FUNDA team for your support. 

I would like to say a BIG thank you to all LASBM attendees for making all our team feel so welcome whilst attending LASBM and your school :) 

The fact is if you be yourself, be creative, stick to your values, purpose and mission you will one day get what you deserve. Your customers will start to listen to you and YOU will be the go-to person/business/organisation/service in your niche/industry. 

Thanks for taking your time out to read this blog post and if you would like me to discuss anything in the future please comment below or contact our team.

Making a positive difference every day! 

Kieran Fletcher - Founder Of FUNDA 

Contact FUNDA 

Call: 01282 686 670   Email: [email protected] 


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