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FUNDA PE Scheme Of Work Includes PBL & Growth Mindset.

Sep 11, 2018

Our FUNDA partnering schools are in for an absolute treat this term. 🙌🏻

Our FUNDA PE Scheme Of Work (SOW) includes:

Project Based Learning (PBL), Characteristics of Learning & Growth Mindset delivered in a Physical 'FUNDA WAY'.

We understand that SPORTS do NOT engage every pupil in our schools. 

We also understand the importance of supporting children's Physical Literacy whilst teaching them the FUNDAmental Movement Skills (FMS) and transferable skills needed for home, school, sport and life. 

However, would you agree that all the above means absolutely nothing if we do NOT teach and develop our pupil's GROWTH MINDSET, characteristics of learning and critical skills such as: 

> Problem Solving 

> Decision Making 

> Critical Thinking 

> Creative Thinking

> Communication 

> Organisation 

> Respecting Others 

> Helping Others

All these Critical Skills are just as important as the Physical/Sporting skills which all in time will contribute towards the 4 Rs of learning

1 > Resilience 

2 > Resourcefulness 

3 > Reflectiveness 

4 > Reciprocity

 “In Physical Education (PE) you need to consider the key mental and physical processes needed to increase your performance”. 

Our FUNDA Scheme Of Work supports your pupil's LONG TERM ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT (LTAD).

Our aim is to nurture and teach children to become more athletic and physical literate whilst creating quality learning opportunities that ultimately will support your pupil's GROWTH MINDSET.

In term, this approach will provide our pupils with CHOICE to specialise and choose any SPORT they want to as they GROW and become confident little learners.

Even better our pupils will become more engaged to be physically active, healthy and fit. 

We all know the benefits this will bring. 

The question is this 👇🏻

Why are so many schools and professional outfits trying to specialise children to early in a given SPORT and/or COMPETITION? 

Schools arrange your meeting with FUNDA and allow our team of FUNDA Educators to share the FUNDA WAY team-teaching alongside your teachers 🙂


Talk soon, 

FUNDA & Friends 

Tel: 01282 686 670   Email: [email protected]


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