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Lancashire Business View Award Inspires FUNDA Children

Sub36 Lancashire Business View Award inspires FUNDA children whilst attending FUNDA October Half Term Holiday Camps & Childcare...

Oct 28, 2019 By
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Hundreds of children attended FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare this October Half Term, children took part in fun games, sports and creative play.

Children dressed up for Halloween and also took part in regular theme days. 

FUNDA provide cost-effective physical activity-based childcare for working parents, children love attending FUNDA during the school holidays. 

Children have fun, get active, make new friends and boost their confidence in a safe, quality-assured, OfSTED registered environment. 


Business Award Showcase

FUNDA recently won the prestigious Sub36 Lancashire Business View award. 

FUNDA's aim is to make a positive difference to children's lives every day.

Our team decided to engage and inspire children who attended this October Half Term by showcasing the business award and letting children experience what success and reaching your full potential looks, sounds and feels like. 

Children loved holding the award and celebrating alongside our FUNDA team. 


What's Next

FUNDA plan to launch NEW Holiday Camp venues across the North West with aims to get more children ACTIVE and having fun during the school holidays. 

FUNDA will be partnering more primary schools across the North West teaching and sharing the FUNDA WAY in PE alongside teachers providing the ultimate, sustainable teacher CPD opportunities that will ENGAGE, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & EMPOWER all. 

FUNDA will be making their in-school Physical Education resources and scheme of work available for teachers across the world. FUNDA ZONE online teachers can access hundreds of resources, music, teaching ideas, mindfulness, growth mindset, personal development, health education, nutrition ... And so much more!   

FUNDA's new brand FUNDA Greatness will help children unlock their full potential and will include a FUNDA activity book for children to complete as well as online personal development [on demand] platform that will be so addictive yet fulfilling for children.

FUNDA Adventures fully outdoor children's nursery settings will be opening in September 2020 providing cost-effective childcare in the great outdoors. 

FUNDA will be launching our foundation, a charity to reach out and engage our community under four core themes/ areas: 

1. Physical Activity

2. Health 

3. Education 

4. Inclusion 

FUNDA is now open to discussions with local businesses to become official sponsors and will also be launching our FUNDA Business Family Club supporting local businesses who's customers are families, parents, children etc to provide family discounts and advertising opportunities through FUNDA's marketing channels.  

Thank You

Thanks to Lancashire Business View, Sub36, Business Award sponsors, teachers, parents, children and all FUNDA loving customers. You mean the world to FUNDA. 


Contact FUNDA 

Email: [email protected]  Call: 01282 686 670



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