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Physical Education Or Sport Education When Teaching Primary School PE?

"It is up to schools to decide which physical activities they choose to teach as part of their PE curriculum.

The only required activities in the National Curriculum programmes of study for PE are Swimming and Dance"... 

(Department For Education, 2019)

May 30, 2019 By
Founder Kieran Fletcher
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1. Introduction 

"Research has found that just 8% of girls and 16% of boys aged 11-18 currently meet the recommended daily activity. Respectively 44% & 36% of girls and boys aged 13-15 are also either overweight or obese, while insufficient physical activity ultimately costs the NHS around £1 billion a year.

PE has been a part of the National Curriculum since 1988. Since September 2014, PE has been the only foundation subject which is statutory at all four key stages of education. The PE national curriculum is designed to ensure that all pupils develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, are physically active for sustained periods of time and lead healthy and active lives.

The Government agrees that it is important for all schools to offer PE to their pupils throughout their time at school. PE can make an important long-term contribution to health and building character. The government have set an ambition under the new Childhood Obesity Plan that primary pupils should be given the opportunity to do 30 minutes of the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day while at school.

PE receives significant specific funding with £320m a year provided to primary schools through the PE and Sport Premium.

The government have no plans to change the PE curriculum requirement but are taking a number of steps to support schools to provide PE and wider opportunities for pupils to be active. We are introducing a new basic curriculum requirement for all schools to teach health education across all four compulsory key stages from September 2020.

It is up to schools to decide which physical activities they choose to teach as part of their curriculum. The only required activities in the National Curriculum programmes of study for PE are Swimming (in key stage 1 or 2) and Dance (all key stages).

The government will publish a School Sport Action Plan later this year to support schools in tackling the challenge of inactivity in our children and young people. It will set out further steps to support schools to train their teachers to deliver high-quality PE provision in school and ensure that every child can participate in physical activity that is right for them".

(Department for Education, 2019)


2. Teaching Sport In PE Does NOT Inspire ALL 

Why are so many schools and teachers still teaching solely SPORT in PE today?

The National Curriculum programmes purpose of study states: 

'A high-quality Physical Education curriculum inspires ALL pupils'

Only a majority of children like and are inspired/engaged by sport, so why are schools, sports coaches, local authorities, sports partnerships and other organisations solely focusing on teaching SPORTS when it comes to primary school PE?

In fact, did you know that schools are not required by law to teach the example content in [square brackets]? What content do you think is in these [square brackets]?

'SPORTS like; [Rounders, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Athletics and Gymnastics]'...

Physical Education Programmes Of Study: Key Stages 1 and 2 National Curriculum ... Take a look at this evidence for yourself - Click Here! 

FUNDA understands that sports play an important part in a youngsters development, however, would you agree that children get so much time to specialise or take part in sports and competition in general. 

'Children are specialising and getting introduced to SPORTS and competition far too early'. 

Primary school PE should be all about enriching and inspiring all our children by teaching quality assured Physical, Health Education, Physical Activity and NOT just sports education.

Teachers are encouraged to teach and provide the ultimate ACTIVE START, you can achieve this by theming up your PE, using creative equipment, resources, storybooks, music, cartoon characters, materials/props and so much more.  

By doing this you will create an active, resilient little learner that will love being and getting active working alone and with others. Children then would have had the ultimate active start and the foundations to build on. 

You can start to teach and develop those all-important FUNDAmental Movement Skills (FMS), making sure that each and every child has at least 60 hours to master each skill below.

Research shows that it takes 60 hours for a child to master one FUNDAmental Movement Skill (FMS). It's essential to provide routine and repetition when teaching and developing (FMS's) and there are lots and lots of fun, engaging ways to teach and develop these important Gross Motor Skills making sure that all your pupils are interested and eating out of your hand. 

'Our aim is to create the well-rounded athlete of the future, not just a sports player'. 

Remember to theme your PE lessons, use creative equipment, props, resources and storybooks to engage and inspire all your pupils whilst supporting and investing in your teachers and assistants to share this ethos and philosophy. 

'There is no need to rush the process, there is no rush to teach sports specifics or competition'.

Key Stage 2 teachers are encouraged to provide a quality PE learning environment that encourages a high-quality Physical Education/ learning experiences. Building on the ultimate active start and FUNDAmental Movement Skills developed in the early years and key stage 1.

Now is the time to teach, experience, learn and develop: 

  • Growth Mindset & Critical Skills 
  • Children's Health & Fitness
  • Principles Attacking, Defending & Sport, rules, tactics etc.
  • Competition
  • Outdoor Adventure Active Learning ... And so much more! 

The 'FUNDA WAY' is a system and model all our specially trained FUNDA Educators follow and use in school, this is our ethos and philosophy and it fully compliments the Long Term Athletic Development Model (LTAD) and Physical Literacy resulting in creating inspiring, confident, well-rounded athletes of the future and not just gifted and talented sports players.  

'Our children will be ACTIVE for a lifetime'.

Isn't that what our goal should be, playing our part to support the government's obesity problems in school whilst educating the parent at home to lead a healthy, active lifestyle?  


3. Physical Education Or Sport Education 

Physical Education and activity taught well will ensure ALL your pupils will develop competence and excel in a broad range of physical activities, are physically active for sustained periods of time and lead healthy active lifestyles. 

Teaching the appropriate physical activities and topics in your PE will make an important long-term contribution to your pupil's health and building character.

Yes, we all agree that sport plays an important part in this, however, sport is not for everyone, it's just for the majority and children have so much time to take part in sport and learn sport later on in their development. 

5 years whilst attending High School in years 7 to 11, extracurricular clubs, grassroots and sports competitions etc.

'Let our children be children, let our children be inspired by just getting active, learning new skills and being confident, creative little learners'. 

So many children today get turned off by taking part in sport and especially school sports competitions because these children become overpowered by the gifted and talented children who love sport this leaves children not as sporty out, this leaves these children without a voice or choice in lessons, after all, every child should matter... Right?  

So how can your school make sure that your PE programme of study inspires ALL your pupils whilst supporting your teacher's professional development? 

How can we maximise the use of your school sports premium funding? 

How can we meet the new Ofsted accountability measures? 


4. How To Inspire ALL When Teaching PE?

Your long term goal is to make sure all your pupils become long term active British Citizens.  

Hundreds of schools are now teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY', they are partnering FUNDA to create the ultimate bespoke FUNDA FOR ALL programme supporting teachers and not replacing them. 

FUNDA shadow and teach alongside teachers, teaching assistants, we even support your lunchtime midday staff whilst providing quality extra-curricular clubs saving your teachers time and your school money. 

'FUNDA can even generate your school £6,000 to £8,000 worth of income/funding for your school budget'. 

Our FUNDA team specially trained to teach and share our FUNDA PE scheme of work and online additional FUNDA ZONE resources alongside your teachers so that every teacher will be able to teach PE with competence and excellence. 

'Your teachers will ENGAGE, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & EMPOWER all your pupils'. 

The ultimate, proven, quality assured PE scheme of work, resources and support for your teachers that will guarantee your PE will inspire ALL. 

All children and teachers that teach from our PE scheme of work, resources and 'FUNDA WAY' programme become ENGAGED, INSPIRED, MOTIVATED and EMPOWERED to take part in PE, become more active in and out of school. 

FUNDA provide your teachers with the ultimate, multi-award winning, OFSTED registered and approved by Her Majesty The Queen ethos/philosophy providing your teachers and school with a proven PE approach that has a holistic approach to support your school development plan and pupil outcomes/progress. 

Adopting and teaching the 'FUNDA WAY' in your PE will support the governments Sports Premium Funding, afPE 5 Key Indicators and the new Childhood Obesity Plan being released in September 2020. Which basically means all pupils should be given the opportunity to take part in 30 minutes of recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day while at school.

Additionally adopting, teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' in your school will support the new basic requirement for all schools to teach health education from September 2020. 

FUNDA's ethos and philosophy is to teach quality Physical Activity and NOT sport, we adopt the Long Term Athletic Development Model (LTAD) shared by UK Sport and Sport England with a few FUNDA twists making sure that the primary school PE programme of study, National Curriculum and Sports Premium accountability measures are surpassed.

Your school can learn more about teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' by inviting our FUNDA Educators into your school to deliver a FREE School Experience worth over £375 whilst at the same time sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' with your teachers and providing an enriching experience for all your pupils that take part.



5. afPE & Local Authority Safe Practice Guidance 

Let's set the record straight, let's be honest because FUNDA really cares about you, your school and the quality of your current PE provision/ sports premium spending.  

FUNDA adhere to the new afPE Safe Practice guidance and our insurance underwriters to make sure that our FUNDA Educators are qualified, specially trained and quality assured to teach to an 'OFSTED - OUTSTANDING' level of competency. 

(afPE - Safe Practice Guidance, 2019 - Highly Recommended Read For PE Leads)

FUNDA quality assures and trains all our staff in house and partner Burnley College our local training provider to make sure all afPE safe practice guidance and adapted from this document, the local authority safe practice are met.  

"FUNDA teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY' in PE, ALL our FUNDA staff are NOT 'Sports Coaches', we DO NOT teach SPORT, yet we teach the principles of the sport".

We are specially trained FUNDA Educators who teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY', quality assured Physical Education and Physical Activity that is guaranteed and proven to INSPIRE all your pupils and teachers in PE.

FUNDA makes sure that your school is meeting all of the new Sports Premium Accountability Measures. Schools are also advised to see improvement across these afPE Primary PE & Sport Premium - 5 Key Indicators:

1. The engagement of ALL pupils in regular physical activity.

2. The profile of PE is raised across the school.  

3. Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all teaching staff in teaching PE.

4. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to ALL pupils. 

5. Increased participation in competitive sport.


6. The Book Stops With YOU!

It is up to schools to decide which sports OR physical activities they choose to teach as part of your curriculum. It is up to your school which PE scheme of work and additional resources you choose to support your teachers if any.

Ultimately it is your head teachers decision and responsibility to make sure you are receiving high quality, competent and quality assured PE provision that impacts your teachers and pupils now/today for the future sustainability of your school PE.

It's your school, it's you, your school and teachers OFSTED will be inspecting, it's you that needs to make sure you are getting value and impact from your Sports Premium Funding and PE curriculum. 


8. Summary

14 years of partnering local FUNDA loving primary schools...

Multi-award winning, OFSTED registered and approved by Her Majesty The Queen.

Teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' alongside teachers, I would say that FUNDA has the ultimate recipe, resources, PE programme proven to develop confidence, competence and excel your teachers and pupils in a broad range of physical activities.


I and my team have found from delivery and research in schools that teaching SPORT certainly doesn't inspire ALL pupils and teachers, in fact, SPORT completely turns some pupils off from participating/taking part in PE in general.

I believe that schools can play an important part to promote and improve your pupils; spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of ALL your pupils. 

To be honest and transparent with you...  

'Do NOT Rely On Others To Tell You Or Your School What Your PE Curriculum Should Look Like'. 

You and your school teachers know your pupils and teachers needs better than anyone, you know what your sports premium funding should be spent on. 

And finally you know which PE providers out there are quality assured and qualified in relation with the afPE safe practice guidance and if at any time you have any concerns, struggles or you need help, just contact FUNDA at anytime 01282 686 670 or even better claim your FREE School Experience worth over £375 to allow our qualified FUNDA team prove our credentials.

'Why teach SPORT in your PE time?

Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?' 


Contact FUNDA 

Call: 01282 686 670   Email: [email protected] 


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