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7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend FUNDA Holiday Camps

Are you fed up with childcare that doesn't seem to engage, inspire, motivate, empower and leave your child thirsty for more? Do you want your child to get active, make new friends, boost their confidence, independence and resilience? ...

Apr 30, 2019 By
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Here are 7 reasons why your child should attend FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare every school holiday.

Please be warned your child will want to attend FUNDA every school holiday, even if you don't need childcare. #JustSaying


1. Make New Friends

When your child attends FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare they will make new friends at the start of their day by taking part in our ice breaker games/ activities at the start of each day.

Your child will get to know each other, they will also form a special relationship with our specially trained FUNDA Educators who ALL will engage, inspire, motivate and empower your child to get active, learn, grow and achieve. 

Your child will learn all those important critical skills like;

  • Communication
  • Team-work
  • Listening
  • Respect for others
  • Resilience ... And so many more! 

Having a Growth Mindset and these critical skills will help your child to socialise and give them the ability to make new friends. FUNDA will help your child grow into a confident little learner, giving your child the skills needed for home, school and life.

If you have a shy child, a child who is low in confidence or struggles to join in with others then FUNDA is the place for them to thrive every school holiday. We recently had a child attend FUNDA who struggled with their confidence, today this child is a FUNDA lover who loves to attend FUNDA every school holiday. #NoMatterWhat! 

Meet Tracy one of our FUNDA loving parents, watch this video as she explains how her child came out of her shell by attending FUNDA. 

Tracy's Testimonial

Jassika now wants to attend FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare every school holiday, even if Tracy doesn't need childcare provision. 


2. Get Active

Today children spend more time sitting and less time doing, in fact, children spend more time inside than prison inmates. #Fact 

Specially trained FUNDA Educators will use all our resources, programmes and skills to teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY' on camp, setting up age-appropriate activities planned around our daily timetable and themes. We will mirror our multi-award winning philosophy that local primary schools are now adopting. 

Your child will take part in so many different physical activities, games, activities, creative play and have a blow out on our FUNDA inflatable obstacle course... And so much more!

We recently completed a Physical Activity, Health & Wellbeing case study on one of our FUNDA children who attending FUNDA, this child achieved 18,079 steps!

On average all FUNDA children achieve 18,000 to 20,000 steps per day. Which is FUNDAtastic.

At FUNDA we don't just kick a ball around all day and play sports, because sports DO NOT engage, inspire and motivate every child.


3. Learn New Skills

At FUNDA your child will learn new skills such as the all-important FUNDAmental Movement Skills (FMS), Team building, social skills and critical skills like; communication, resilience, problem-solving, respect for others... And so many more! 

Our specially trained FUNDA educators make sure that every activity we teach and share on our FUNDA Holiday Camps includes the FUNDAmental Movement Skills, these skills are crucial for Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) and sport as your child grows!

Did you know that if your child attends primary school and is in reception or infant classes that your child's teacher must now teach the FUNDAmental Movement Skills in PE? Basically your child's teachers will be tracking their progress when it comes to performing each FUNDAmental Movement Skill. 

Just goes to show at FUNDA we teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY' that compliments the Primary School National Curriculum and Early Years Development Matters Framework.


 4. Have Fun

At  FUNDA Holiday Camps our aim is to make sure your child has fun daily, to achieve this from time to time we have additional activities and creative themes that break our days up such as; Nerf Wars, Swimming, Climbing and our FUNDA inflatables including our NEW 100ft long inflatable obstacle course. 

Here are some of our FUNDA loving children who told us how much they loved FUNDA!


5. Get Social

So many children today struggle with their communication skills and this negatively affects their confidence. We use so many engaging resources, activities and games that will boost your child's confidence whilst at the same time improving their communication skills.

FUNDA children understand by the end of the week what good effective communication looks like, sounds like and feels like so that ALL our children and ethos and environment on camp is a positive one. 


6. Get Engaged

Here at FUNDA, we think it’s important to make sure we engage every child that attends, we do this by teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' which is the secret recipe. To put it simply we will get every child eating out of our hands.

We want your child to be the best they can possibly be, we want your child to try new activities, games and take exciting calculated risks. We aim to make sure every child joins in, in all the activities without wrapping your child in cotton wool. 

Our specially trained FUNDA Educators will ENGAGE, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & EMPOWER your child, NO MATTER WHAT! 

FUNDA will make a positive difference every day to your child's education, health and future.


7. Get Rewards

Daily selected children will be rewarded with a certificate and stickers for effort and a positive attitude.  At the end of the week our specially trained FUNDA Educators hand out big FUNDA Medals, in fact, these are about the size of your child's head. 

It's been known that some of our FUNDA children sleep with their medals for weeks under their pillows, children take their medals into school assemblies to show their friends and teachers what they've achieved during the school holiday. 

Once your child's teachers know that your child has attended FUNDA Holiday Camps they will know that they've been enriched with the FUNDA skills needed to support their education, health and future.  



If you want your child to stay at home, playing computer games, on their mobile devices or hanging out with their friends then FUNDA understands that's ultimately your child's choice.

However, FUNDA understands that the adult can play your part to introduce your child to FUNDA. By allowing your child to attend FUNDA the evidence shows that given the chance we will enrich your child with the skills, attitude, characteristics, health and fitness needed to achieve at home, school and in life.

BOOK your child's place for just one day, we promise that your child will be thirsty for more, however, please be warned, we will turn your child into a FUNDA loving child, is this a good or bad thing LOL! 


BOOK Your Child's Place - Learn More! 


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