How to ENGAGE your child, get their ATTENTION, Improve their CONCENTRATION, READING & WRITING whilst motivating them to LEARN...


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Does your child struggle to CONCENTRATE, stay on task and FOCUS when LEARNING?

If so, this will be the most important information you'll read this year...

Getting Distracted

Does your child get easily distracted? Perhaps they spend too much time watching TV, playing on computer games or mobile devices...  or maybe they just can't sit still.

Staying Focused

Do you struggle to engage your children? Maybe they find it hard to stay focused, to concentrate and follow instructions... especially when doing their homework.

Finding Time

Are you so busy that sometimes you struggle to find the time to interact with your children because you are juggling and balancing school, work and daily commitments?

Children that spend too much time using technology, such as watching TV and playing on computer games or mobile devices, are more likely to be overweight, show frustration and aggressive behaviour and fear the real world around them.

Writing Struggles

Perhaps your child is getting left behind or struggling with their handwriting and other basic skills needed for school, home and life. This can lead to a lack of self-esteem and confidence.

Poor Social Skills

Sometimes children who are distracted too easily can eventually become isolated from their peers. They  may show poor social skills and signs of disruptive behaviour.

Reading Struggles

Does your child sometimes struggle when reading, or finding a book that they might be interested in? It can be hard to get distracted children motivated to read.

We can help your child become more ENGAGED, and improve their READING and WRITING skills. They will CONCENTRATE, FOCUS and become CONFIDENT learners whilst making OUTSTANDING progress at school and home.

Engage Your Child

Understand what makes your child's heart sing. Engage,  inspire, support, encourage and motivate your child to love who they are and to be the best version of themselves.

Boost Imagination

Boost your child's imagination and creativity using stories and additional FUNDA resources to accelerate their learning, open their mind and develop their learning superpowers.

Improve Handwriting

Developing your child's fine-motor skills will improve their pencil control so that they will become confident in their abilities to form shapes and write more neatly.

We will provide you with all the resources and ideas to ENGAGE your child, improve their ATTENTION, discipline, CONCENTRATION and learning skills. They will spend less time getting DISTRACTED and will find renewed interest in READING, WRITING and LEARNING.

Improve Reading

FUNDA can provide you with stories that are designed to take your child on a physical learning adventure that will get your child active whilst developing their movement skills in a fun and engaging way. 

Develop Social Skills

FUNDA can help to support your child's social skills, encouraging them to love and be themselves whilst becoming more comfortable socialising and interacting with others in different situations.

One-To-One Time

FUNDA will show you how to carve out quality time for you and your child; to create a nurturing and engaging one-to-one storytime that will leave you and your child filled with wonder and adventure.

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FUNDA STORY Monthly Package for children aged 2 to 7 years.

The ultimate learning and storytime solution that will help you to engage and motivate your child to love learning, making a positive difference to their health, education and future.

All the resources and ideas you will ever need to ENGAGE, support and MOTIVATE your child to LEARN.

Endorsed by our schools and teachers, now available for you to use at home...

FUNDA & Friends

Themed FUNDA & Friends storybooks: Zoo, Pirates, Space, Seaside, Circus, Park, Holiday... and many more themes ready to engage your children. Specially designed to motivate your child to learn whilst getting them active.

Physical Activity
Resource Cards

Five physical games, challenges and activities can be found at the back of your FUNDA storybooks. They will get you, your child and the whole family active, developing those all important fundamental movement and physical skills.

Home Learning

Creative play, arts and crafts, drawing and colouring activities and worksheets. All included in your package and available to download online. Designed to improve your child's fine-motor skills, pencil control and handwriting.

Monthly Newsletters

Monthly FUNDA newsletter providing you with the latest: tips, advice, updates, coupon codes and store offers, competitions and prize giveaways.  

Rewards & Surprises

Reward your child using FUNDA stickers, charts and treats. Your child will be engaged every month, motivated to learn, to stay on track and make outstanding progress.

Online Support

Everything will be situated on your FUNDA STORY Online Area so that you can access your resources anywhere anytime. Hundreds of support videos and resources are available.

'My two children love FUNDA STORY they like getting active using your resources and ideas, they stay engaged for longer periods of time and love learning new things.'

Derek Kemp
FUNDA STORY Subscriber

Online Support Area...

Your FUNDA STORY Online Area will be updated every month, you can access hundreds of ideas and resources that will engage and motivate your child to learn whilst getting ACTIVE together.

Online Support Area Video *Example

Here you can watch the type of content you will get inside your FUNDA Area Online ...


FUNDA STORY is trusted and used by hundreds of teachers and parents worldwide...

We've even received a visit from Her Majesty The Queen.

What's Inside Your FUNDA STORY Package Every Month?

Watch this video below to see what's inside your FUNDA STORY Package every month. Your FUNDA STORY Package will be delivered to the address provided every month for as long as you are subscribed...


Pay £12.97 Virtually Nothing
For Your First FUNDA STORY Package .
*Cancel Anytime*


Learning Journey Today...

Your FUNDA STORY Package includes all the following every month:

  • 1 FUNDA STORY Book.
  • 5 FUNDA STORY Physical Activity Resource Cards.
  • FUNDA STORY Guide For Home Learning Success.
  • FUNDA STORY Home Cross-Curricular Activity Pack.
  • FUNDA Monthly Newsletter.
  • Unlimited Access To Your Online FUNDA STORY Support Area *Updated every month.

We want as many children to benefit from FUNDA STORY as possible so we are virtually giving away the first month's package for just £12.97.

The ongoing monthly subscription is £27 per month which will be automatically collected from your card or bank account.

As soon as your payment is made your new FUNDA STORY Package will be dispatched including your next; 

  • 1 FUNDA STORY Book.
  • 5 Physical Activity Resource Cards.
  • FUNDA STORY Guide, FUNDA STORY Cross-Curricular Pack.
  • FUNDA Monthly Newsletter. 
  • Surprises, rewards, treats and additional tips will be despatched ready for you to continue your FUNDA STORY learning journey.
  • Unlimited Access To Your Online FUNDA STORY Support Area *Updated every month.

FUNDA STORY is suitable for children aged 2 to 7 years.

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