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Improve Your Pupils' Physical & Emotional Literacy, Health & Wellbeing. Boost Your Teachers Confidence When Teaching PE.
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PE & Teacher CPD Support

Our FUNDA educators come equipped with our award-winning, OFSTED registered resources supporting your teachers' professional development ...


Dedicated Teacher Workshops

Multi-award winning, OFSTED registered resources and approaches for your teachers to use with Physical Education to help your pupils to achieve ...


PPA Time & Teacher Supply

FUNDA educators are specially trained using our resources and programmes to help your school with your PPA time demands and getting your pupils active ...


Fun Days

Use our specially trained FUNDA educators to deliver fun physical activities or inflatable fun days. We promise to provide the ultimate experience for your pupils, teachers & parents ...



FUNDA use creative tools to measure your pupils and teachers progress in PE. Our team will make sure your school meets your new Sports Premium: OFSTED accountability measures ...



Our FUNDA & Friends child friendly characters will bring your PE lessons to life, taking your pupils on a magical, physical journey. Your teachers and pupils will love your new FUNDA lessons ...


The problems your schools face:

Mobile Devices

9 in 10 teachers feel that mobile devices, smart phones and tablets are a big barrier to children not getting enough physical activity and quality learning experiences. 

Children Sitting

Pupils today spend too much time sitting and not enough time doing. This results in poor physical, social and emotional skills both in school and at home.  

Childhood Obesity

1 in 5 children leaving primary school suffers from childhood obesity due to poor diet and a general lack of physical activity.

No Support For Teachers

Teachers have limited resources and time to deliver Physical Education, teachers would like more support and time from our government to focus on PE.  

Old School PE

Teachers say that their current scheme of work (SOW) plans are boring and dry for the majority of their pupils. This results in low interest and engagement during PE time.  

Old-School Sport

Evidence shows that sport does NOT engage every pupil in your school. Some schools are still delivering old-school competitive sport lessons which fail to engage every child. 



The benefits for your school:

Maximise Funding

FUNDA will maximise the use of your Sports Premium Funding. Our team can also generate your extra income for your school whilst supporting the health, education and future of pupils and teachers.

Teachers Confidence

FUNDA educators are specially trained to engage with your teachers making PE fun, exciting and easy to deliver. Your teachers will be inspired and ask for more time to deliver future PE lessons.  

Improved Resources

Your teachers will use NEW & improved online FUNDA resources that can be found all in one place, saving time and money. FUNDA educators & teachers work as a team to implement everything.   

Improved Learning

Your pupils wellbeing will be improved and their concentration levels increased whilst developing your resilience and a positive attitude to learning.

Skills For Life

Your pupils will develop fundamental life skills. Your teachers will gain the knowledge and confidence to use FUNDA PE as an effective learning tool.


FUNDA will deliver extracurricular clubs before, during or after school. Our resources and storybooks will even engage and educate your parents and pupils at home.  

"We have been working with FUNDA now for eight years and counting, we are really happy with your FUNDA Educator and our pupils and teachers like working with FUNDA. "

Longshaw Infant School

"Our school used FUNDA to support our teachers professional development and confidence in PE. Our early years and key stage one teacher love using FUNDA STORY your new PE resource for teachers. "

Brunshaw Primary School

"We loved your FUNDA STORY teacher workshop, our teachers use your story books and resources to deliver fun PE for our children. We like the fact that all our music and resources can be located in one place. "

St Oswald's Primary

"My teachers use your resources to support the delivery of our PE lessons, they are simple and easy to use and our pupils like your different FUNDA themes and topics. "

St John with St Michael Primary School

"Our teachers enjoyed your PE workshop, you made it fun and engaging for all and our teachers feel they now have increased knowledge and ideas when delivering their PE lessons. "

Sacred Heart Primary School


Call: 01282 686 670 for more information, or ...


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