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Scheme Of Work & Resources For Teachers, Educators & Parents

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ENGAGE, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & EMPOWER Your Children To Get ACTIVE Teaching, Sharing The 'FUNDA WAY'.

Access anywhere-anytime hundreds of resources that will make a positive difference everyday
the 'FUNDA WAY'.

PE Scheme Of Work

Lesson plans for the entire school year, updated weekly and fully compliments the EYFS Development Matters Framework and Primary National Curriculum (Ks1) (Ks2). 

Quality Resources

Access hundreds of resources saving your teachers time, improving the quality of your current PE, enriching your pupils physical, health, fitness and growth mindset.

Progress Charting

Online tools that will track your pupil progress, whilst tracking your teachers continued professional development providing outcomes for OFSTED and your school governours. 

Lesson Plans

Hundreds of physical activities, games, creative play and warm-up ideas for your teachers to grab and GO! 

Story Books

FUNDA STORY and resources will teaching your pupils the FUNDAmental Movement Skills (FMS) complimenting your EYFS and Ks1 FUNDA PE scheme of work.

Music & Audio

Online music jukebox, your teachers will access hundreds of songs from some the well known artists and child friendly TV and film shows.

"We have been working with FUNDA now for 9 years and counting, we are really happy with our FUNDA Educator and our pupils and teachers like team-teaching with FUNDA sharing all your PE Scheme of Work and online resources. "


"We have partnered FUNDA for 13 years, FUNDA educators team-teach with all our teachers sharing their PE Scheme of Work and resources. All our teachers now teach the 'FUNDA WAY' making a positive difference to all our teachers and pupils everyday. "


"Our school use FUNDA and all their PE resources especially FUNDA STORY books, they really engage, inspire and motivate our Early Years, Key Stage 1 pupils to take part in PE."


"Our school use FUNDA to support our teachers professional development and confidence in PE. All our teachers access their PE Scheme of Work (SOW), we now all teach high-quality, engaging PE lessons for all our pupils. "


"My teachers use your resources to support the delivery of our PE lessons, they are simple and easy to use and our pupils like your different FUNDA themes and topics. "


"Our teachers enjoyed your PE workshop, you made it fun and engaging for all and our teachers feel they now have increased knowledge and ideas when delivering their PE lessons. "



Engage, Inspire, Motivate & Empower Your Children Teaching & Sharing The 'FUNDA WAY'

You will receive office support from our FUNDA educators who are all ready to support and assist your teachers and partnering school.   

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the 'FUNDA WAY'.


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