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Making a positive difference to children's lives everyday, teaching & sharing the 'FUNDA WAY'. 

Supporting teachers, parents & educators worldwide.



FUNDA Educators specially trained to deliver, team-teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY' in schools. Multi-award winning, OFSTED registered and officially recognised by Her Majesty the Queen


Holiday Camps & Childcare

When schools out FUNDA's about, teaching and showing children the 'FUNDA WAY'.  Multi-award winning and OFSTED registered physical activity-based childcare all year round for children aged 4 to 12 years.


Home Learning

Teaching & sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' at home supporting your child's education, health and future. ENGAGE, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE your child to learn teh skills needed for home. school and life.


School Programmes & Resources

Tailored around your school and pupils needs; Physical Education, Forest School/ Bushcraft activities, Enrichment Nurture, Golden Time,  Small Group Intervention and GROWTH MINDSET.



Supporting teachers, parents and educators to teach high-quality physical education and activities the 'FUNDA WAY' giving children the skills needed for home, school and life.

Workshops & Events

Inspiring, engaging and motivating for teachers, parents, childminders and education professionals. Sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' leaving you energised and resourced.  

*FREE Downloads*

Resources, lesson plans, ideas and giveaways that will ENGAGE, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE children to learn boosting their education, health and future.

Making A Positive Difference Everyday!

"Keep up the excellent work and efforts with what you deliver to children and our communities. I look forward to meeting you once again in the near future. "

Her Majesty The Queen

"We have been working with FUNDA now for 9 years and counting, we are really happy with our FUNDA Educator and our pupils and teachers like team-teaching with FUNDA sharing all your PE Scheme of Work and online resources. "

Teacher/ School

"Our school use FUNDA to support our teachers professional development and confidence in PE. All our teachers access their PE Scheme of Work (SOW), we now all teach high-quality, engaging PE lessons for all our pupils. "

Teacher/ School

"We have partnered FUNDA for 13 years, FUNDA educators team-teach with all our teachers sharing their PE Scheme of Work and resources. All our teachers now teach the 'FUNDA WAY' making a positive difference to all our teachers and pupils everyday. "

Teacher/ School

"Please can I take this opportunity to say thank you FUNDA. We are moving to the next level, motivating our children of our settlement to read and share their experiences and stories. Our children love your FUNDA resources and activities because it's fun and play based entertainment. We like FUNDA's Trip To The Zoo, FUNDA you are the best at doing it for the love of our children. "

Teacher/ School
South Africa

"FUNDA's drive and ambition to make a difference to our children of today is truly brilliant. Educated, Active and Healthy children is the way forward! I would love to see the day every school and home worldwide are involved in running the FUNDA programme as part of their school and home-based learning curriculum. Good luck team FUNDA."

Laura Couch
FUNDA Parent

"Our early years and key stage one teachers said FUNDA is the #NO1 resource and approach for Physical Education because it takes the fear out of planning. Our pupils love FUNDA and are now engaged and inspired to take part in their PE lessons."

Teacher/ School

"We have partnered FUNDA for 12 years, FUNDA educators deliver to every year group. Our pupil's really benefit from taking part in FUNDA activities. "

Teacher/ School

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