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School Feedback Teaching & Sharing The 'FUNDA WAY'.

Schools are starting to speak out about the positive difference FUNDA is making in their school every day.

50+ partnering primary schools are now teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' in PE.

Jan 15, 2019 By
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ENGAGE, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & EMPOWER your teachers and pupils adopting our NEW quality assured FUNDA PE Scheme Of Work and supporting online resources.

Maximise your Sports Premium spending by allowing your specially trained FUNDA Educator to teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY bespoke and tailored to your school.

We understand that every school is unique and different, we also understand being established for 13 years that not every child is turned on by teaching SPORT or COMPETITION in PE.

FUNDA will provide your school with a specially trained, experienced and fully equipped FUNDA Educator to teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY' in PE alongside your teachers, includes;

  • The FUNDA WAY Scheme Of Work
  • FUNDA ZONE Online Resources
  • Lesson Plans, Additional Resources, Music, Skill Cards and teaching ideas
  • Includes Breakfast, Lunchtime Leaders & After School Clubs.
  • FULL DAY 8am until 4pm (Until School Closes)

FUNDA Quality Assured, OFSTED registered, Multi-Award Winning & Officially Recognised By Her Majesty The Queen. 👑

How can FUNDA explain what we do online?

Try FUNDA Claim Your FREE Schools Experience For FREE worth £325


LEARN MORE -  www.FUNDAplay.co.uk/p/experience-funda

CALL - 01282 686 670

Please Note: We only have 5 School Places Remaining For 2019/20 for quality reasons.




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